“The soil of Ireland, at present in the possession of an oligarchy, belongs to us, the Irish people, and to us it must be restored.” – Fenian Proclamation (1867) [A statement made over 150 years ago that still remains true today. Only by restoring community and building unity can we restore the riches belonging to us all]

I’m not a fan of St. Patrick’s day but here’s Stephen James Smith with a piece commisioned by the festival called “My Ireland” an emotional piece and well worth a look


Carlow-Kilkenny #Right2Water Demonstation Jan23 megaphone
Marching at Carlow-Kilkenny Right2Change demo in Carlow 23/1/16
28 May 2013
Occupation of Revenue Office in Kilkenny raising the issue of the Property Tax/family home tax
Carlow Palestine Solidarity 19th July 2014
Standing in solidarity and helping to raise awareness of the plight of Palestinians during “Operation Protective Edge” where over 2000 innocent civilians died as a result of Israeli strikes. Calling on people to join the BDS movement.