Announcement: I’m Running!! #GE16

Right, it has been decided. I’m running as a candidate in the Carlow-Kilkenny constituency as an independent for change candidate.

Here’s my campaign page if you could like and share

Also, if you were cleaning out the couch recently, came into money, or believe in the cause, you can help us get some posters and fliers by clicking the link and donating – it’s safe – Campaign4ChangeElection image

I have been asked to run by activists inside and outside of Carlow-Kilkenny and have been considering it for a long time but had knocked the idea. But, it really is time to just get out there and say the things that need saying and put the issues that need talking about out there and up for debate. I had thought it was too soon and we had enough candidates running here but I’ve been convinced that the constituency and the candidates running would benefit by my running and that the fifth seat could be taken by a left-wing candidate if people only had the facts and believed it could be done and I’ve accepted that argument – I’m running!!