DEMOCRACY: The Irish People Are The Only `Expert Commission` Needed On #Watercharges & #IrishWater #Right2water

It’s Groundhog Day and they`re playing yesterday’s tape AGAIN. We’re back to the same old politics the never changed politics of spin and propaganda. The problem is nobody is really buying it yet they just won’t give up.

Two-thirds of those who voted in the last election voted for the abolishment of Irish Water and water charges. And we’ve had mass demonstrations, meetings, and the biggest per capita movement for the Right2Water to be enshrined in our constitution. It’s pretty simple really, the majority of the people of Ireland SAY NO to IRISH WATER, WATER PRIVATISATION, AND WATER CHARGES! Now, it’s either democracy exists in this country or all the talk about it becomes one massive farce. It’s really up to Fianna Fail now whether they want to fulfill their democratic mandate or dispense with the idea that democracy is a principle which they actually hold.

Just a reminder of Fianna Fail’s pre-election position on Irish Water and water charges text can be found on page 38 of their manifesto:














Here’s a very good post from the Right2Water website (click text to view): WATER COMMISSION REPORT VINDICATES RIGHT2WATER CAMPAIGN


Another reminder:Fianna Fail announced the water charges in 2009 in Bian Lenihan’s budget statement. Which can be read HERE and here’s an image of the part on water charges. It also mentions the rotten family home tax another measure brought in to pay the bailout debt and to reduce taxes on the richest in society:


Fianna Fail driven by an ideology had no problem in bringing in neoliberal reforms and restructuring. They were told, so the story goes, to bring in “full cost recovery” and privatise and sell-off a whole range of things. But of course this selling-off and recovery didn’t apply to those who created the economic catastrophe we called the banking crash where instead of  “full cost recovery” we had the “bailout” of the richest in society at the cost of the rest – this continues to this day as the government’s we’ve elected believe in socialism for the few but neoliberalism for the rest of us. The “Troika” (IMF, ECB, and the European Commission, all unelected cheerleaders of the decimation of society in favour of a market and of public slavery to debt) wanted public services scrapped, privatisation of public infrastructures and services, sell-off of state assets, and tolls placed on everything. They also wanted to drive down wages and conditions in order to “make the economy competitive”. None of this has changed. They still want to continue to do all of these things. It’s only us that can stop them.

An aside but I have to mention it as it’s never mentioned anywhere really. The agenda of driving down wages and conditions  to make the economy competitive can also be seen in the likes of the cheering on of mass migration, the weakening of the nation state, and the looking to “open borders” by Peter Sutherland and other current and former bankers and members of a international class of neoliberals who seek to have the people of Europe and elsewhere compete for less and less jobs and therefore drive down wages and conditions, destroy the welfare state, social solidarity, and pit people and countries against one another. This is no conspiracy – it’s happening. Peter Sutherland and others, Noonan, Simon Coveney, Denis O’brien, to name a few discuss their “politics” and “business” in closed meetings. It’s no real secret in the age of the internet when we have people outside of the mainstream publications and media willing to document it. Here is Simon Coveney and Peter Sutherland out for a stroll at Bilderberg 2014 in Copenhagen. Noonan attended shortly after being elected in 2011 also – who are they representing in these settings? What business and politics is being discussed and to whose benefit? These are legitimate question for any citizen of Ireland to ask.

None of this is all that complicated but those in power and the media wish to make it seem that way. We’ve been shafted time and time again. But, I think, we’ve had enough! Haven’t we had enough!? If you haven’t joined in the movement for change it’s time to start!

I’ll leave it there for now. But, I’ll restate the title of this piece again only this time with an addition – THE IRISH PEOPLE [AND DEMOCRACY] ARE [ AND IS] THE ONLY “EXPERT COMMISSION” NEEDED ON IRISH WATER AND WATER CHARGES.


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