#CWKK16 Some of the issues…the answer is community-led politics and democracy!

In no way is this a complete list but all that could fit on a leaflet. Please check out the Right2Change Policy Principles which Kathleen Funchion (Sinn Fein), Adrienne Wallace (People Before Profit), and myself are backing as progressive principles for any future government.

  • CORRUPTION – We can’t end corruption at a national level without first tackling it locally. Phil Hogan closed the inquiry into planning corruption on Carlow County Council. Why? NAMA, SiteServ, penalty points, etc. etc.
  • WATER CHARGES & LPT – No privatisation of OUR water! Remember – It was Fianna Fail & the Greens who set-up water charges in 2010. Family homes should not be taxed.
  • CARLOW – The industrial base of Carlow vanished while we had Fianna Fail TD’s in Carlow – Braun, Lapple, the Sugar Factory, Erin Foods…We need a forward-thinking national strategy on industry and jobs.
  • KILKENNY – CAS bridge (massive waste and ignoring of public), Smithwicks brewery site being turned in a business park, environmental reports and archaeology reports just ignored and all while local politicians do or say nothing, A whole-wide range of “politics as usual”.
  • HEALTH – Waiting times in Irish hospitals are now the worst in Europe. The HSE was dysfunctional in 2011 and is still dysfunctional in 2016. We need properly resourced mental health services in Carlow-Kilkenny and across the country.
  • HOUSING – There is a serious housing crisis; we need an emergency Government house building programme.
  • ONE PARENT FAMILIES – There are over 6,200 in Carlow-Kilkenny. 23% of children in one-parent families experience poverty – this Government cut their payments.
  • CHILDCARE – Ireland has the highest childcare costs in the OECD amounting to 35% of a family’s income compared to 12% average in the EU
  • ECONOMIC RECOVERY – The Government boasts about recovery. For whom?!
  • SMALL BUSINESSES – Businesses are suffering due to lack of money in people’s pockets; poor pay and poor jobs equals poor demand in our local economy.
  • JOBS – The government boasts about job creation but what type of jobs? Ireland now has the highest rate of low paid jobs in Europe.
  • UNEMPLOYMENT– 23.3% unemployment in Carlow, 19.4% unemployment in Kilkenny – this compared to national average of 8.6%. Why?
  • EMIGRATION – Welfare officials sent 13,000 letters to jobseekers last year encouraging them to take up work outside of Ireland. 200,000 young people left since 2010. One in six Irish born people now living abroad – the highest number in the developed world.

    As an independent4Change I will…


Work alongside like-minded independents to highlight issues which affect us all


Actively pursue the positive “Policy Principles for a Progressive Irish Government” which can be viewed at right2change.ie


Expose corruption, waste, hypocrisy, & lies


Demand openness and transparency and will always be available to be held to account myself


Speak out against evictions & banking and state fraud


Encourage democracy & participation in politics using my resources to hold regular open meetings on issues in Carlow & Kilkenny


The issues of Carlow-Kilkenny & Ireland ARE my issues. People should always come first. I will work with all of the people of Carlow-Kilkenny to make real change a reality


Vote – Stand up for yourself!!!


For change in Carlow-Kilkenny & Ireland please vote for Right2Change candidates only & don’t transfer


Election leaflet draft 3


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