THEY SLASH; WE BURN: Forced closing of Carlow ambulance base just a continuation of more of the same for the people of Co. Carlow

THEY SLASH; WE BURN: Forced closing of Carlow ambulance base just a continuation of more of the same for the people of Co. Carlow.

Once again, the people of Carlow are left as the victims because of the failure of our politicians. As one of the most economically depressed and poorly serviced counties in the country we keep electing the same parties into power to do nothing to change policy.

Ambulance staff have had to withdraw from their Carlow base as it’s deemed “completely unfit for purpose”.

The response from the two parties in Government Fianna Fail and Fine Gael or simply FiannaGael “two cheeks of the same arse” is,

Carlow Senator Jennifer Murnane O’Connor of Fianna Fail saying “it’s a disgrace”.

And Pat Deering of Fine Gael saying it raises “huge concerns”.

Both of these parties have been at the helm in Carlow for the whole existence of the state. Pat Deering has already served one whole term in government. So, what have they being doing to protect the health and welfare of the people of Carlow? Services were removed from Carlow under their parties watch and now the Ambulance service has to leave due to lack of investment too and how many more people have to suffer before people expect more for their community. Is their no community pride – no national pride in the people of Carlow and Ireland?

It is “a disgrace” and it is more than a “huge concern” but it has been caused by the policies of Fianna Fail and Fine Gael and the politicians who agree with these policies. These policies put the interests of the market and private individuals above the interests of all the people of this country – the public interest!

There is an alternative to the lies, double speak, and nonsense of these parties. But, the people of Carlow have to stop electing politicians who talk the talk and yet do nothing as members of political parties in the way of protecting the interests of the people of Ireland and Carlow.

Yes, it’s a disgrace!! Who has allowed it to happen? I say it’s the people who vote for Fianna Fail and Fine Gael no matter what.
They’ve been found guilty and negligent time and time again! It’s time to elect politicians who serve the public interest rather than their party and their market first ideology!

Politicians create policy and policy has consequences and mostly they’re disgraceful consequences in this country overrun with gombeenism. Housing, health, jobs, economy, insurance, corruption, justice, where else can they fail us before we make the changes necessary for our future and for those who come after us!?


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