So, they’ve “suspended” water charges; meanwhile, water meters are being installed across the country! And Simon “Bilderberg” Coveney only Wednesday [7th September] said, as well as other things, that he was, “proud to be able to say” “Irish Water will be part of the Ireland’s future.” 

How or why would we trust these politicians?

ALL OUR REQUESTS FOR A REFERENDUM ON PUBLIC OWNERSHIP OF WATER HAVE BEEN DISMISSED!!>?? Their goal is privatisation!! As we’ve stated from the very start! If it’s not then why not give us the reassurance of a referendum?

So everyone out this Saturday and reaffirm our Right2Water!!

They say our protests don’t work!!? Well, protest is the only thing that has worked so far in the battle against austerity and privatisation!!

It’s OUR WATER!! And we have to finish what we started!! Abolition NOT suspension!!

Buses going from Carlow leaving Aldi Carpark Carlow town at 11:30am and Askea Church at 11:35. You can book your ticket at Recharge Carlow on Burrin street (just at the bridge across from the post office). €5 for child €10 for adults .

Buses leaving Dublin to return from 5pm-6pm.

All out again on September 17th!! They said they’d abolish the charges at the elections!!! MAKE THEM all stick to their word!!! It’s only us the people of this country who can keep them some way honest!!



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