#PoliticalPolicing THANKS! For all your support…

Would just like to say thanks to everyone for all the support, messages of support, and to those who turned out to Kilkenny Court on both trial days and the witnesses who came down and told the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Massive thanks to Kathleen Funchion who took the time out of her very busy schedule to come to court and give her support as a public representative – really appreciate it.

I was found guilty of both ridiculous charges Section 2 assault and Section 6 Public Order. The guard who brought the case in question lied under oath claiming that I grabbed his arm and put it behind his back injuring him so much that he could not drive his Garda vehicle. The video shows me twice telling Gardai to get their hands off me that I wasn’t committing any crime that without invoking the law any contact on my person never mind grabbing, pushing, or pulling – was assault. That’s THE LAW! The first released me and the second came at me shouting “Get back” coming at me with his arms at head height – I made it clear he wasn’t going to assault me like the first guard and would defend my right not to be assaulted but then was grabbed by more of them and they tried to put me up against a wall. They didn’t and they were never going to arrest me – because I HAD DONE NOTHING WRONG and it was their fellow gardai who had committed the crime. I was assaulted more than once and I was struck by Burton’s driver in plain view of the Gardai also. Apparently, not assaulting someone but making it clear that you weren’t going to be assaulted IS assault but actual assault isn’t assault when it’s a guard doing the assaulting?! I was at the side of Burton’s car and not looking to pass any line or halt her exit but even with video evidence of all of this the judge took the claims of the gardai as truth and the video as “unhelpful”.

So, there’s justice eh…I didn’t get prison; apparently, I should be thankful!? But was at risk of 6 months and €2,500 fine.

I received a €1,500 fine for the ridiculous charge of not assaulting anyone but being assaulted. And €500 for breach of the peace for following the directions of Gardai and being at a peaceful assembly which is a stated right in Bunreacht Na hEireann.

I’m lodging an appeal so we’ll see how that goes.

But, I’m making it clear that the guard lied under oath; there was no arm grabbed nor hurt and the majority of his statement is a work of fiction. He grabbed me and assaulted me for no other reason than he felt he could and could get away with it because he didn’t like what I stood for nor what I had to say on the day about certain issues via the megaphone. If I had grabbed his arm and placed it behind his back I’d be admitting it in court and explaining it was for self defence reasons and if he was hurt I’d apologise for it but people can’t go about grabbing people whenever they feel like it – every citizen has a right to self defence when they are being assaulted by any member of the public, uniform or no uniform, unless there is a lawful reason to do so…protect someone, prevent a crime etc. – unless they are under arrest!

And, none of that applies in this case…

Justice eh? What’s that??! “The law”!? What’s that?!?!

So to finish, I’ll leave you with the words of Clare Daly from her statement on the O’Higgins Report. She is speaking about the corruption and perjury of some members of An Garda Siochana. Actions which are never dealt with and nobody ever held to account. “These are people who go into courts every day of the week and give evidence in front of judges in relation to cases, prosecution, and so on, on behalf of the state. This is, indeed, an appalling vista and shame on those individuals; they absolutely have to take account of their actions. But do you know what? It’s a little bit more than that aswell, because on one level, would you blame them? When the attitude that perjury is ok is being set from the very tops of An Garda Siochana and unless that is dealt with we will never reform the force as we know it; the corporate cover-up will continue; the blue wall of silence – the culture has to be changed”.


Full video here: 

Thanks Again!

Kilkenny C yestreday 2
Kilkenny Court Yestereday



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