Solidarity with the 13 activists arrested in Wicklow #WaterCharges

First of all I would like to express solidarity and say thanks to the 13 activists arrested yesterday in Wicklow and brought to court today.

Yesterday, Thursday 13th April, 13 water protesters were arrested in Wicklow for standing against Irish Water. I know most of them and they are all genuine and decent people who would go out of their way to help their fellow citizens.Yet, they are treated with contempt by the state’s authorities; these people are not wanted in this failed state because they cause issues for the corrupt status quo and might stir more people to act in solidarity with their fellow citizens to do what is right – and of course those in control of this state wouldn’t want that would they?! 

We have a state which actually works against the public interest; a government which governs – well the establishment parties can’t even form a government at the moment because they simply don’t give a toss about people – when they are in power, they govern in the interests of private banks, private speculator, private bondholders, corporations, and the corrupt, but never in the public interest!

The state has given direction to go after citizens who have come together to stand against their rotten and openly corrupt practices. They have created quangos; they’ve sold off state assets; sold the lotto, Aer Lingus, our natural resources, our children, and more, all to profit the rich. But those who stand up and say “enough!” are treated as criminals!

Yet they never go after the likes of Denis O’brien, white collar criminals, corrupt politicians, and won’t arrest those named in the Panama Papers. White collar crimes have huge social costs and contribute to all of the current problems with housing, health, and everything else. While your right to peaceful assembly against a farce that is Irish Water saves us having water poverty and prevents water privatisation. If you protest, or can’t pay a fine, or don’t pay your TV licence you get brought to the nearest Garda station and/or face imprisonment. If you steal from your fellow citizens through fraud, theft, and corruption it’s completely acceptable. It’s always been one law for the rich another for the rest of us! Because this gombeen state has NEVER been a republic!

Isn’t it about time we sorted that! A republic run in and for the public interest; A republic for the ordinary man, woman, and child. Shouldn’t we make it a reality?!



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