#GE16 New Politics – Their threat is change; no fear, we need change!

Right now we are well on the way to making massive changes in this country but the establishment and their apologists in the bought-and-paid-for media are doing their best to make people fear and question the logic of heading in a new direction.

Let’s just look at the situation for a second; how did we arrive at today? Who created the disaster we called the economic crash “the bust”? Was it the people who are being demonized in the press, the ones who are told that they don’t have the figures, the “fantasy/fairy-tale economics”? Was it those in the movement for change that created the problems that this country has? No, It was old politics which ruined the country and has held us back for so long – it’s time for a new vision and new and fresh approach to politics.

The threat from the political parties of the establishment and their cheerleaders is clear – it’s vote for us and our parties or the economy will collapse, explode, be damaged…and doomsday will not be far behind. It’s, we need stability; we need to keep the recovery going; we need to return a Fine Gael-Labour government or…blah.

The threat, they say, is change; but, we need change! They want stability for the unsecured bondholders, stability for the bankers, the property developers, the Galway tent, the Berties, the Burkes, the Haugheys, Denis O’Briens, and the Lowrys, and all their kind.

It’s their instability that is our stability!

It’s the end to the old way of doing things that is the beginning of something new!

The political parties which the media, and I mean nearly all corporate owned media, supports and gives most coverage to “the safe pair of hands” for “stability” gave us mass unemployment, emigration, homelessness, a housing & mortgage crisis, allows mass economic evictions, gave us the disaster in health – gave us a suicide and mental health epidemic – gave us the banking debt! This is their stability!

The parties that we voted for based upon media and politician’s lies – we done it! We elected these gombeen men and women – the greedy and corrupt political class, the parties of permanent misgovernment, the parties of endemic and systemic corruption, we’ve let these problems happen. And even those who didn’t vote – you’re as much to blame as those who did. The political parties – Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, Labour, the bankers, the developers, the always built up in the media neoliberal right-wing parties and personalities. The people who are rarely challenged on their personal opinions and party held positions, which do not stand up to any critical examination, are allowed to rule over us because we have not stood up for ourselves using all the means at our disposal.

We have allowed our power to be taken away and us to be beaten by their rules and their system for extracting OUR wealth from us – “us” the people of a republic proclaimed by Irishmen and Irishwomen in our past and now in our present – we need to stand up and grasp the change we want and deserve. We need to shout down the politics of fear! Point it out and challenge it everywhere it raises its head…and do it even at the cost of offending those even our friends, family, neighbours, whoever, who believe in the old politics of stability for a small group of people at our expense. It’s for their good as much as our own.

We need to vote for the stability of change and democracy and the instability for the small few corrupt and the hoarders of property and wealth  – we need to build the real change which serves the interests of us people and gives actual stability and security to this country. Build the stability of a new republic; build the republic proclaimed in Easter 1916 which was never achieved – one which cherishes “all of the children of the nation equally“. We can do it!! No more listening to the politics of fear; It’s time for the politics of change!

Get out and vote for change this Friday the 26th and don’t let anything stop you from voting for those who stand against the politics of fear – the old politics of Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, Labour, Renua, The Green Party!!! These all place market and private interests ahead of the interests of the people of a republic. It’s time for CHANGE!!

List of Right2Change candidates across the country here: RIGHT2CHANGE CANDIDATES


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