We’ve a serious housing problem – Stop the Lies #GE16


“We have increased rent supplement, regularly…We’ve put very significant – tens of millions extra into the rent supplement, that’s true, Claire…You can actually check the statistics, we increased it.” – Joan Burton, February 2016

FACT In reality, total spending on rent supplement dropped by €204 million, or 40.6% between 2011 and 2015, and has fallen every year during Fine Gael and Labour’s tenure in government (Source: The Journal.ie February 2016)

Blatant lies again from the leader of the Labour party and Tánaiste of the last government. Why would she have to lie, because she has failed the people of this country, she along with her cronies in Fine Gael have decided that real and meaningful tackling of the homeless crisis and supporting the most vulnerable is NOT a priority, but servicing the private debt of speculators and bondholders is. We now in the centenary year of this republic have 5000 citizens of this country homeless on the streets, couch surfing and living in hotels, this is nothing short of a disgrace. How can we the Irish people accept the contempt that FF, FG and Labour have for us? How do we sleep in our beds at night, knowing that there are families just like ours that have no home? I imagine that many of you reading this are not sleeping because you are living in fear that you and your family are next, how many are one pay check away from homelessness? How many of us are living in poverty with no security? How many of us dread a visit or letter from a landlord as we know that that will mean homelessness for us as we are stretched to the limit as it is. The cuts to rent supplement that have been inflicted on us by the labour party are the reasons for the above figures and you having no security. Of course the problem is much greater and complex than just cutting rent supplement, it is the privatision of housing and the reliance on private landlords to provide social housing, I am totally against this, we need an immediate building programme to build social housing in many areas or to taking in control the houses in NAMA who are selling housing stock to investors and venture capitalists, for profit, not for the basic need of housing of the people of this country.

Alan Kelly below talking more rubbish on housing! Stop electing these people!


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