I’m Running!! #GE16 #CWKK16

Right, it has been decided. I’m running as a candidate in the Carlow-Kilkenny constituency as an independent for change community candidate.

Here’s my campaign page if you could like and share  https://www.facebook.com/gilligan4change

Also, if you were cleaning out the couch recently, came into money, or believe in the cause, you can help us get some posters and fliers by clicking the link and donating – it’s safe – Campaign4Change

I have been asked to run by activists inside and outside of Carlow-Kilkenny and have been considering it for a long time but had knocked the idea. But, it really is time to just get out there and say the things that need saying and put the issues that need talking about out there and up for debate. I had thought it was too soon and we had enough candidates running here but I’ve been convinced that the constituency and the candidates running would benefit by my running and that the fifth seat could be taken by a left-wing candidate if people only had the facts and believed it could be done and I’ve accepted that argument – I’m running!!

I’m running mainly to point towards the corruption; the corruption at a local level which feeds into the national level. Of course there are other issues which I will be addressing and pointing towards. But, and I repeat, the mission is to encourage all of you out there to get out and vote and vote for non-establishment candidates and give NO transfers to Fianna Fail, Labour, Fine Gael, Renua, the Greens…these parties protect the interests of the market rather than the people. OUR economy should be built upon OUR needs and not the interests of the rich.

I’ve no money as I’m not a member of the brown envelope parties. Because I’m involved in local campaigns and they will still have to run fundraisers pretty soon as they’ve no money I am not going to do any special fundraising for the campaign but will ask anyone who can spare a few quid and who agrees that I could say a few things and possibly push another change candidate into that fifth seat – please give what you can to that cause. Carlow and Kilkenny would benefit greatly by having someone to fight for people focused legislation and policies.

If elected, I will be sitting with Clare Daly and Mick Wallace and learning how to be an independent national legislator – I will lend a hand to any cause and help as I always have to empower our communities in Carlow-Kilkenny towards real democracy…also, I will continue the work of Right2Change and working with all of those on the mission to bring about a republic – the republic envisioned in the proclamation and one based upon principles of social solidarity, democracy, justice, fairness, and equality. I will not ever be a politician in any sense of the word I promise to always take my lead from my community and constituency. I am an activist and will expect to be held to account and kept grounded by fellow activists. It is always people who keep politicians honest and it will be activists who will keep a fellow activist in check.

You’re all welcome to join-in and help this noble cause. I am not running as myself; unfortunately, I have to put a name on the ballot paper but I’d feel much more comfortable being called a group rather than Keith Gilligan but that’s how this game works. So, vote Keith Gilligan number 1 and please transfer to the Right2Change candidates in Kathleen Function and Adrienne Wallace. We will get the change that we demand and vote for…no more votes for corruption!!


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